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Cathedral Studios specialises in integrating cutting-edge technology into our games. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming, and its use of technology is a key part of this mission. Here are some technologies we are currently developing to allow players to interact with characters and environments in a more realistic and engaging way.


You probably met her at the homepage. Natasha is Cathedral Studio's prototype combination of OpenAI (and many other services) within Unreal Engine 5. She will soon have a face and the ability to speak with users through a combination of tools. We're developing her in order to prove the capabilities of OpenAI within gaming, giving users access to play with the most cutting edge AI within digitally rendered environments.


Artificial-intelligence generated content is another technology that Cathedral has integrated into our flagship game, The Bornless. Using OpenAI, users will be able to generate their own unique assets and content, which will they will then be able to mint to the blockchain, all without ever leaving the game client.

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