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At Cathedral Studios, we are proud to have three stories currently in development and production. Our flagship game, The Bornless, is currently our primary focus and the only game in active production. Please look below to find out more about each universe.

Ink Swirl Image 5.png
Ink Swirl Image 5.png

At the heart of The Bornless is a challenging FPS game similar to a Battle Royale, but with a twist - you will be tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense tokens. Matches are elimination based, where the winning team takes all.


We plan to one day bring this experience to consoles, but for now, we are focused on delivering this game on Windows PC. We have no plans for Mac support at this time.

Check our The Bornless site below.


Our second game we aim to release is SILKLANDS. We're still in the early stages of development but hope to release more information soon.


-Coming Soon-

Our third game in early stage production and development is yet to be publicly announced but be sure to join follow our social media channels to be notified as soon as we release anything.

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